Our Story

Seamlessly blending simple and chic, vintage and contemporary Bottega Americano is a European inspired restaurant and marketplace. Unique to the West Coast, the restaurant features five interactive food bars where guests can sit and enjoy the culinary performance and all of the exciting sights, sounds and aromas of the kitchen. Diners can also savor the Bottega Americano experience at home with made-to-order takeout meals from the gourmet-to-go epicurean market.

The menu is firmly rooted in the culinary traditions of Italy and elevated by the innovation of American regional cooking. Principal Culinary Director Giuseppe Ciuffa prepares Italian inspired dishes using the best local ingredients and modern techniques.

We hope you enjoy Bottega Americano!


Giuseppe Ciuffa

Founder / Principal Culinary Director

Giuseppe, chef and entrepreneur, hails from Ferrara, Italy, where he learned the art of northern Italian cooking. Seeing the works of his family farm in Italy, Ciuffa experienced firsthand what it takes to create bottles of organic wine and olive oil straight from Italian soil. This understanding informs his commitment to approachable food that spotlights seasonal ingredients.

An experienced restaurateur who runs numerous San Diego restaurants, Giuseppe brings operational expertise and authentic Italian grace to each diner at Bottega Americano.

Jeremy Oursland

Chef De Cuisine

Jeremy, a California native who has called San Diego home for more than 20 years, is passionate about using only the freshest, local and seasonal produce and products at Bottega Americano. His appreciation of quality ingredients and cooking is in his blood. His father was a chef and worked in restaurants along the Northern California coast. Jeremy grew up in the kitchens and worked his way up through the ranks from dishwasher to chef. 

As the opening Sous Chef for Bottega Americano, Jeremy has trained under Chef Giuseppe Ciuffa learning the nuances of Italian cooking and to expertly prepare the creative cuisine the restaurant’s guests have come to love.

Sam Mor

General Manager

New to San Diego, Mor most recently managed a farm-to-table American restaurant in New York City and honed his hospitality skills in one of the most demanding restaurant scenes in the world. His innovative management approach emphasizes the delivery of the highest in food quality and exceptional customer service. A certified Ciceron, Mor also brings a passion for craft beer to Bottega Americano. He considers the best compliment of all seeing his customers return time and time again.

Adrian Villalobos

Assistant General Manager/Beverage Manager
Originally from LA Adrian got into restaurants when he moved down to San Diego in 2007. Adrian started in the industry serving tables at The Fish Market in Downtown San Diego, the highest volume restaurant in San Diego and top 10 in the country.
After spending some time with Stone World Bistro & Gardens he moved back to LA for a short time before returning to San Diego to work for Bottega Americano. Here he quickly moved up from his serving position to management where he has been focusing on becoming a Junior Sommelier.

Chad Ruyle

Founding Partner

Bringing ten years of legal and business expertise to the table, Chad Ruyle is a managing partner of Bottega Americano. Along with using his keen eye for design, Ruyle oversees the restaurant’s legal matters, finance and day-to-day business operations. A resident of our restaurant’s East Village neighborhood, Chad welcomes neighbors and visitors alike to Bottega Americano.

Greg Van de Velde

Founding Partner

Inspired by a genuine love for food and wine, Greg has over 20 years of hospitality experience in both the U.S. and Italy. He is known for his organized, thoughtful and gracious management style. For three years, Greg lived in Bologna, Italy where he refined his knowledge of Italian language and culture.

Dave Warner

Founding Partner

Chef Dave’s cooking philosophy is firmly rooted in seasonal and local ingredients. Well-connected to both artisan purveyors and larger culinary trends, Warner is passionate about classic, flavorful food that creatively reflects the season.